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over 3 years ago

Codegeist Submissions

We now have over 120 submissions for Codegeist. Thanks everyone for making this the largest Codegeist yet! With so many submissions, please understand it will take some time to go through them all. 

We are processing submissions - your add-on will be included

Rest assured, if you submitted your add-on in the Marketplace, ticked the Codegeist box, and it meets the competition requirements, it will be included in the add-on hackathon. 

Extended submission deadline - Submit your add-on before 9am PDT on Oct 21st

Some developers mentioned they finished building their add-on, but had some challenges getting their add-on submitted on Devpost and the Marketplace. Due to these submission challenges, we have decided to extend the submission deadline by 48 hours. 

> Use this link to submit your add-on before 9am PDT Oct 21st, 2015 <


Have questions? Remember you can always find us on our public Codegeist HipChat room