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over 3 years ago

5 days left to submit your add-on

Remember to get your Codegeist submissions in before Oct 19th at 9am PDT.

How can I get my add-on in Codegeist?

As long as your add-on is submitted to the Marketplace by the 19th it will be accepted into Codegeist (providing it meets the competition requirements). Marketplace approvals can take up to 5 days or longer when we have a spike in submissions. For more details read the How to Enter section. 

Handy resources

Libraries, Tutorials, and Sample Add-ons
Developer docs and tutorials
Still looking for add-on ideas? Check out this idea thread
Atassian Connect Google group for devs building Cloud add-ons 

How more questions?

Join us anytime in our public HipChat room to get your Codegeist questions answered. 

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